Why Restaurants Need Online Ordering

Adapting to New Ways

Make sure your restaurant is not missing out on the opportunity of providing online ordering for your customers, especially during the COVID-19 crisis which has shut down many dining rooms. Now is the time to adapt to new ways, if you haven’t already. Make sure your restaurant is standing up against the competition. It’s time to go where your customers are, which is at home & online.


Simple Ordering & Accuracy

Wait staff is no longer tied to the phone taking orders. Customers can place their own order online and check that it is correct, especially if they have customizations before they submit the order to the kitchen.


Bigger Orders & Convenience 

Customers will appreciate the convenience of the restaurant, having the menu listed online and with the prices attached. Online ordering provides the customer with the ability to review the menu and add what sounds good to them. There is a higher chance the customer will order more online versus over the phone.

Don’t Pay 3rd Parties & Keep the Profits

Restaurants are losing revenue when they use a 3rd party online ordering and delivery service. There are stacked fees for restaurants and they tend to pay out service fees, tax fees, marketing fees, subscription fees, adjustments, error charges, and more! Restaurants need to use free online ordering systems such as Restaurant Manager’s and keep their revenue. 


Customer Data & Loyalty

Online ordering makes it easier to collect customer data! When customers enter their check-out information such as their email address, the restaurant can ask for them to opt-in to marketing emails. The restaurants can send their customers updates on current events, deals, or COVID-19 information. Reward & Loyalty points are made easier to keep track of with the customers’ information being readily available. *Tip: Set-up a coupon such as 20% off an order for loyalty members. This will help push for new sign-ups.


Get Started

Are you interested in learning more about online ordering options for your restaurant? We recommend Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering System, which is integrated to the RM Point of sale system and prints directly to the kitchen.

However, we also recommend Skytab Takeout’s Free Online Ordering System, which anyone can use and orders are sent to the restaurant’s email. RM created their system to allow restaurants to drive more revenue to their business with an easy free set-up. 

Computer Assistant Company wanted to inform local Florida restaurants on this free service so that restaurants aren’t being taken advantage of by 3rd party services. Also, restaurants who use RM System’s Online Ordering are receiving 15-20% more compared to phone orders! Restaurant Manager POS Customers can call Carl Meadows at 407-341-1503 for more information on RM Online Ordering. If you are not a Restaurant Manager POS user, view a demo of Skytab Takeout here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/8gMOR03Zp60?rel=0

 Call us today for more information at 407-365-1991 or visit https://www.cacpos.com/contact-us/.

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