web patrons horeMenu is an at-the-table iPad menu solution for restaurant patrons. The iPad menu increases the average amount customers spend, attracts new customers, sets you apart from your competitors and improves efficiency. You can show your entire menu or just a part of your menu (i.e. desserts, wine or bar), include pictures of your dishes, detailed product descriptions, calorie/nutrition information and additional information about your business.

Put your menu or specialty menu on the iPad using eMenu and join more than 1400 restaurants and hotels worldwide that are already using interactive menus. The typical restaurant using eMenu is experiencing a 9% increase in sales compared to printed menus, with wine sales increasing by 24%.

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Benefits of the iPad menu system:

  • Increases the average amount customers spend.
  • Serves to attract new customers.
  • Multilingual menu (great for tourists).
  • Differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Easily add daily specials or make seasonal menu changes
    without printing costs.
  • Complements the look and feel of your restaurant – tailored to suit your
    logo and colors.
  • Feature your entire restaurant menu or just a segment of your menu.
    (i.e., desserts, wine)
  • Feature photos and detailed descriptions of your dishes
  • Provide additional information about your business.